CHRIS BROWN (Director) has been making award-winning features and documentaries in San Francisco for over a decade. His third feature, FANNY, ANNIE & DANNY (2010), won 16 awards internationally, was hailed as "an indie masterpiece" by THE HUFFINGTON POST and a "Critics' Pick" by THE NEW YORK TIMESA RIVER CHANGES COURSE, the groundbreaking feature documentary that Brown edited and associate produced, won 10 awards internationally, including the GRAND JURY AWARD at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the 2013 San Francisco Int'l Film Festival.  Brown also edited and co-directed the environmental documentary THE NEXT FRONTIER, which won the 2011 Regional EMMY Award for BEST DOCUMENTARY.  Brown's previous films include DAUGHTERS (“Something as genuinely unpretentious as Chris Brown's debut feature seems an anomaly.” – VARIETY), SCARED NEW WORLD ("Solidly in the tradition of pioneer indie pics like Cassavetes' 'Shadows'." – VARIETY), BATTLESHIP CONTEMPKIN (" should check this film out if at all possible." – FILM THREAT), LOST CAT ("Defies categorization...hilarious." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE), and the 1999 San Francisco Int'l Film Festival Golden Gate Award winner, OFFICE FURNITURE.

JONATHAN SANFORD (Producer) has screened in festivals from Sundance to South by Southwest. The longtime story editor for producer Art Linson (SONS OF ANARCHY, HEAT, FIGHT CLUB), Jonathan recently founded Night Films, a production company devoted to quality television programming and personal, author-driven films made for the festival and theatrical markets.

BRAD MARSHLAND (Producer) has been a prolific writer and producer in just about every medium. He has sold screenplays in Hollywood, had stage plays produced on both coasts, and has written, directed, and produced documentaries, feature films (including LIARS' DICE, starring Breaking Bad's Dean Norris), and over 200 videos for Yahoo News, ABC, and Katie Couric. Brad's documentary work has been nominated for multiple Emmy® Awards and he has one two.

BOB HAWK (Consulting Producer) A beloved veteran of American independent film since its inception, Bob has helped launch the careers of a long list of filmmakers from Ed Burns to Kevin Smith. An unsung champion of new voices, he has discovered innovative work, nurtured new talents, and brokered relationships with film festivals and critics alike. A wonderfully moving new documentary about Bob, FILM HAWK, premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

KALYANEE MAM (Associate Producer) A graduate of Yale and UCLA Law School, Kalyanee served as cinematographer and associate producer on the Oscar winning documentary INSIDE JOB. Her directorial debut, A RIVER CHANGES COURSE has won 10 awards internationally, including the GRAND JURY AWARD at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the 2013 San Francisco Int'l Film Festival.

LIZ KELLEY (Production Manager/Associate Producer) earned her BFA in Acting from UC Santa Barbara. After working for several years in New York, she returned to California to pursue filmmaking. In the last two years, Liz has managed several productions, served as DP for Namaste Escapes at Wanderlust Festival, directed a short film called I AM, and produced a television PSA called BOREDOM IS THE GATEWAY DRUG.  

KIM SHELTON (Production Advisor) has been making award winning documentaries for twenty five years. Her films, A GREAT WONDER, LOST BORDERS, TUSCARORA, COWBOY POETS and THE HIGHLY EXHALTED have been broadcast nationally and internationally on PBS, POV, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, BBC and on stations in Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.  Her latest film, THE WELCOME, won the AUDIENCE AWARD at the 2011 Mill Valley Film Festival and BEST DRAMA at the 2011 Atlanta Docufest.

BILL MCMILLAN (Education/Youth Advisor) has been a marriage and family therapist for more than 20 years. He has focused his work on adolescents, families, couples, abuse and trauma, rites of passage and stress reduction.  He is currently focusing his work on veterans and their reintegration into civilian life.

EMIKO OMORI (Editorial Advisor) has produced award-winning films for decades.  She won the Best Cinematography award at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival for RABBIT IN THE MOON and the OSCAR-nominated REGRET TO INFORM. Her brilliant 2011 documentary on visionary tattoo artist, Ed Hardy, TATTOO THE WORLD has screened worldwide.